A Watched Revolt Never Occurs – A Case for Individual Action


July 23, 2017 by Black Bart

Previously, I mentioned my less than cheery expectations when it comes to the likelihood of a national revolution, let alone a global one. So today, I’m gonna expand on that. The why, how, other things like that. Am I gonna go into the psychological markers that stem from my childhood? No. Because who gives a shit? Am I right? Just gonna stick to relevance as much as I’m able, if it’s all the same to you fine folks.

So, let’s begin, if I may, with what exactly I mean when I say it ain’t gonna happen. I mean it ain’t gonna fuckin’ happen. Don’t hold your breath. Don’t count on it. Signs point to fuck no. Not in this goddamn lifetime, essentially. Sure, that’s my opinion, but it’s an opinion that I have great faith in. Wanna know why? This is a one-sided conversation so I’m gonna assume that you do. Because the prevailing thought among, promise not to laugh too hard and embarrass them, “revolutionaries” is to play the waiting game. That’s a game we can play ’til the day we keel the fuck over. Thing is, waiting ain’t gonna free your children from the oppression that we all experience every day, to varying degrees. By no means am I the first, only, or last to bring this up. There are plenty of people frustrated by these meek so-called Anarchists. Some will sit quietly all the same, irked as they may be, while others decide to go ahead and start slashin’ tires and lightin’ fires on their own, and those people are motherfucking champions. Now, from where I’m standing, which I admit is a very biased perspective and I may well be wrong, it looks like too damn many are the wait-n-see type. Yep, there are rallies. Yep, pigs assault rally participants. Yes, the cops are vastly outnumbered in those situations. You bet the people at those rallies are super-duper pissed at the cops for beating and arresting their comrades. But they’re just gonna watch the piggies do it anyway. Meanwhile I stare at the screen I’m watching these distant events occur on and yell, “SWARM THOSE ASSHOLES!” like it’s a shit horror movie. And just like with horror movies, your advice is never taken. They watch when they can attack. That’s the problem. That’s why the grand revolution is never coming.

Granted, no doubt many of those people are afraid of the cops retaliating with machine guns and shit if they kick things off properly. But if that’s the case, what the sweet hell are they doing at that rally? Isn’t the point of a rally to build tensions in the hopes it’ll boil over? Now, that’s probably not the point but maybe it should be. Guess I just have a hard time wrapping my head around this. You go to a protest or counter protest knowing full well you might scrap with some fascists. If the cops single you out, you’re gonna be arrested for sure. Why not, and this is the point of contention as far as I’m concerned, why not give them a better reason to arrest/beat/murder you and slap ’em around first? Pigs will assault you regardless of what you do. Give them a reason, is all I’m saying. Make them honest or do it for your own satisfaction. Now, keep in mind, this is coming from the point of view of a spiteful bastard. Not everyone shares my perspective, I get that. If an individual doesn’t want to go down fighting, that’s absolutely fine. Live your life, do your thing. The only people I’m talking shit on here are the ones that go right up to the edge but stop there. They put up a front. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me has a problem with that. I mean, just showing up to prove that lots of people are fed up is demonstrably ineffective. Your moneyed masters don’t give a wet shit what you think of them so long as the not-so-secret police do their jobs, and you know they will and then some.


To the armchair Anarchists, I say go, little puppy, and slink back to your kennel. You haven’t the mettle for my brand of madness.

So, what then? What do you do if you’re sick of waiting? Well then, kids, you stop waiting. Mask the fuck up, get the fuck out there, and start waging your own guerilla war on everything that holds you back from your potential freedom. Do it in big ways. Do it in small ways. Do it in whatever way you can. Hungry? Snake some food from your local supermarket. You don’t even have to feel bad about it either. We all know any unsold food gets dumped in the trash. See some porkies head into the donut shop? Got something sharp? Do ’em a kindness and check their tires for air pressure. Like I said, doesn’t have to be big things. Enough little things add up. That’s something that lots of people more qualified than me have said better. I’m just reiterating it here for your convenience. There’s not gonna be a revolution. But that doesn’t mean capitalism can’t be worn down to its roots and thereby ripped from the decrepit soil once and for all. Half the work is done by capitalists, after all. Ain’t a secret that the tower those fetid shit-blossoms built on our backs is lookin’ a touch wobbly. Enough people take to eroding the supports, it’ll come crashing down. Ain’t a single person gonna rise up for you. You have to do it your own damn self.

At some point, everyone’s gotta decide if the familiar hell is better than the unknown heaven.

By now, I’m sure you have only too clear an idea as to my advocacy for Illegalism and Insurrectionism, which may as well go hand in hand as far as I’m concerned. Okay, so, if I want everyone to embrace Illegalism and all that, what happens when the beast of Capitalism eats its own tail and thereby collapses, or whatever ends up happening? Everyone will just go on being Illegalists? Well no. Probably. I imagine there’ll be a rad party or something and everyone will form nice little self-sufficient communes and things of that nature. Or the real inter-ideological fighting will start. Either one.

Now that I think about it, it’ll probably the the Ideology Wars. Sure, everyone’s on the same side in the face of the all-encompassing threat of Capitalism and all its attendant subgroupings, but once that’s out of the way, oh boy. When a radical isn’t in enemy territory anymore, the previously minor disagreements are suddenly put in sharp relief. What am I trying to say with this? Nothing, actually. That’s all pretty far off, just at the moment. Or seems so, anyway. We don’t need to worry about that stuff right now.

What the sweet hell was I talking about?

Oh! Right.

Raise Hell

If you want to reach Heaven, you gotta raise Hell.

Illegalism is a hoot and a half, get into it. Get a crew together composed of people you trust if you want to. Do whatever you like, kids. That’s ultimately what I’m trying to get across. Do as you please, save preventing comrades from doing the same. That’s the path to freedom, from where I stand.

Until then, keep on truckin’.


5 thoughts on “A Watched Revolt Never Occurs – A Case for Individual Action

  1. Rina says:

    This is some great stuff man, keep up writing shit. I love it.


  2. Taylor says:

    I read an article about a agnostic homosexual voting for Trump/Pence that got me enraged. I’ve read articles about certain members of minorities who basically say that they don’t want to face consequences for siding with hate incarnate. How do you explain the phenomenon of those very vocal parts of minorities who would rather turn their backs on their own kind than raise them up? I’m talking like LGBTQIA+ who actually believe Pence’s policies will save them, for example.

    Heck, it seems that Trump has got everyone turning against each other, and I mean everyone. I’ve heard stories of Latino white supremacists, black misogynists, gay Islamophobes and transphobes, and trans homophobes. I’ve never been so paranoid before


    • Black Bart says:

      It’s true, the events we’re facing today are extremely divisive. Sometimes a person in a minority will defend the very thing that oppresses them. I mean, hell, most people will defend capitalism to the death even as it bleeds them dry. Call it Stockholm Syndrome or ignorance or whatever, fact of it is not everyone wants to be liberated. They’ve settled in to living under oppression. They’ve gotten so used to it so as to become deluded and convinced that it is, in fact, the only thing that’s good for them. It’s a heartbreaking thing, honestly.

      Things like this, it’s like Buddha says: Trust, but with caution. Sometimes even your own teeth bite your own tongue.


  3. Taylor says:

    Most of all, I’ve seen black people proudly betray their own race.


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